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Black Milkshake - IPA - 6 Pack

  • As our country continues its fight against racial violence and injustice, we believe it's essential to encourage those around us to turn a new path. Where remaining silent is no longer an option, and where we turn talking into listening. Trade opinion for understanding, and where we drive change wherever we can, to fight injustice every step of the way.

    Following the Black is Beautiful initiative from our friends at Weathered Souls Brewing Co. was developed to drive awareness of the injustices that people of color face daily. In honor of this initiative, we created a special release, non-alcoholic Black Milkshake IPA.

    This Milkshake IPA is lactose-free, low calorie, and not syrupy thick or cloyingly sweet. In the aroma, the Mosaic/Cascade focused dry hop mingles with a sweet, fresh blackberry. Coffee and caramel notes from crystal and roasted malts mix with rich chocolate from resting this beer on cocoa nibs.

    The flavor bursts with juicy blackberry and dark chocolate, supported by our hop bill of Cascade, Mosaic, and Caliente, and held together with malts like Double Roasted Crystal and Midnight Wheat. The full body of this beer is cut by a tart finish coming from the blackberry, making it surprisingly refreshing. This beer pours black with garnet highlights and a creamy, tan head that lasts through the entire glass.

    • Non Alcoholic
    • Less than .5% ALC/VOL
    • Ingredients: Filtered Water, Malt, Hops, Yeast, Blackberry puree and Cacao nibs.
    • Low Calorie
    • Rich in Vitamin B12
    • Filled with Electrolytes and Carbohydrates
    • Premium Isotonic Beverage
  • Proceeds from the sale of the beer will be donated to the World Beat Cultural Center, A San Diego-based, non-profit multi-cultural arts organization dedicated to promoting, presenting, and preserving the African Diaspora and Indigenous cultures of the world through music, art, dance, and education.

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